Baby and Dad battle brain cancer, now the Senate - Short

Maggie and Ryan Link should have been enjoying their newlywed years as young, new parents. Instead, this hard-working family faced the battle of their lives: brain cancer for both Ryan and their baby son, Nathan. Now, the family is once again in the fight of their lives, this time against Congress as legislators threaten their health care. Call your Senators at 877-607-0785. Make sure to tell them who you are, where you’re from and to oppose the health care bill.

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UnionHall: Website Building for USW Local Unions!

UnionHall is an internet-based system that allows USW local unions without advanced technical skills to maintain websites. Local unions must apply for the sites and once approved, have their "webmasters" attend an online training in order to receive UnionHall administration privileges and get started. It is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that allows locals to publish content like articles, photos, videos and links to social media on your own website. UnionHall sites are mobile-friendly and available at no charge to locals in good standing with active SteelWeb accounts. The sites can be linked to the USW’s main website to ensure updated content on local pages. To sign up for a site and training, visit: to get started on your application.