USW HSE Conference 2023: Tom Conway

Tom Conway, the International President of the United Steelworkers (USW) Union, addresses the 2023 USW Health Safety and Environment Conference in this powerful speech. He speaks about the history of workers' rights and the ongoing struggle for safety and health in the workplace. Conway emphasizes the importance of protecting workers, supporting legislative committees, and looking out for new people entering the workforce. He also touches on changing workplaces, the rise in injuries, and violence in the healthcare industry. Watch the full speech now, and let's work together to ensure the safety and well-being of all workers. #workersrights #safetyandhealth #UnitedSteelworkers

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USW: AK Steel Locked Out in Mansfield

USW: AK Steel "Locked Out in Mansfield" documents the labor dispute between AK Armco Steel and over 650 dedicated steelworkers in Mansfield, Ohio. The company, which has enjoyed record earnings, has declared all-out war on its loyal workforce by implementing drastic changes in pensions, healthcare, and seniority practices and mandating unlimited overtime. The management has locked out its unionized workers and brought in scab replacement workers to intimidate them into accepting the company's demands. The workers, supported by the United Steelworkers, refuse to back down and vow to fight for their rights and future. This powerful video sheds light on the struggle for justice, loyalty, and fairness in the workplace and the impact of corporate greed on working-class families.

CF&I: Until It's Over

A powerful documentary about the struggles of over 1,100 steel workers who went on strike in Pueblo, Colorado, on October 3rd, 1997, after the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company's unfair labor practices. The workers demand fair treatment, including secure pensions, benefits, insurance benefits, dignity, and respect. The documentary explores the reasons behind the strike, the workers' sacrifices and concessions, and the community's support for their cause. It also sheds light on the role of Oregon Steel, the parent company of CF&I, and its attempts to control the plant's operations from a thousand miles away. The striking workers, backed by community leaders, members of other unions, and people of conscience, are unyielding in their determination to win a fair contract. This documentary provides an insightful and moving portrayal of the struggles of workers fighting for their rights and the support they receive from their community.

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USW 8888: Our Fight for Justice at Newport News

"World-Class Workforce - Second-Class Treatment." The Newport News Shipyard is the only shipyard in the United States capable of constructing a highly sophisticated mobile defense system. The workers are part of the United Steelworkers of America union and have been bargaining with the company since January to improve their contract. However, they rejected the company's final offer and voted to go on strike due to low wages, rising medical insurance premiums, and a poor pension plan. The workers believe they deserve fair wages and benefits, considering they are world-class shipbuilders and labor in an industry vital to national security. The International Union has approved using its Strike and Defense program to assemble a team to assist and mobilize workers to achieve a fair agreement. Watch this video to hear firsthand from the workers and understand why they have taken the bold step to strike.

USW: Victory at Ravenswood

This video tells the inspiring story of the Steelworkers' victory at Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation in West Virginia. The locked-out workers of Local 5668 fought for their jobs and community against scabs who stole their livelihoods. With the help of union solidarity, an international campaign, and the support of their families and allies, the Steelworkers were able to reclaim their jobs and send a message to all Working Families that they can fight back and win. Watch this compelling story of struggle and triumph to learn how Union solidarity works and how Working Families can come together to achieve victory.