Elliot Lake's Legacy: The Miners' Fight for Safety with the USW Union

Dive into the compelling history of Elliot Lake, once a burgeoning uranium mining town in northern Ontario, through the eyes of its miners and their brave fight for occupational health and safety. This documentary uncovers the harrowing journey of the workers, from the town's rapid growth and decline to the resurgence of mining with deadly consequences. Witness the power of unity as the United Steelworkers (USW) Union champions the miners' rights, leading a groundbreaking wildcat strike that changed the landscape of labor laws and health regulations. Join us in honoring the legacy of Elliot Lake's miners and the USW's relentless pursuit of a safer workplace for all.

Solidarity at the Shipyard: The Story of USW Local 8888's Fight for Union Power

USW Local 8888's story is a powerful example of shipbuilders at Newport News overcoming great odds to unionize. Workers faced tough conditions and company pushback but found strength in solidarity. Their fight for better working conditions, fair representation, and unionization is a tribute to the enduring spirit of labor movements, leading to significant improvements in their rights and benefits through collective bargaining.

Steelworkers: USX Workers' Historic 1986 Lockout

In 1986, US America's largest steel company faced its greatest challenge as it locked out 22,000 Steelworkers, sparking a historic battle for job security and fair labor practices. Discover the incredible story of perseverance and unity as the Steelworkers, standing strong against corporate might, sought to negotiate a fair contract and fight against the contracting out of their jobs. This is not just a tale of a labor dispute; it's a testament to the Steelworkers' indomitable spirit and the solidarity that spanned industries. Watch as they rally support from various unions, utilize innovative strategies like a computerized database, and withstand the longest work stoppage in the steel industry's history, eventually leading to a victory that resonates with workers everywhere.

USWA Health & Wellfare Fund

Step back into 1998 and uncover the pivotal role of the United Steelworkers in fortifying the rights to comprehensive healthcare through the Steelworkers Health and Welfare Fund. This video captures the historical essence of the labor movement's victories, highlighting the union's relentless negotiations for equitable working conditions and healthcare benefits. From the crucial 1996 strikes to establishing a member-controlled benefits program, this video chronicles the strategic battles fought at the bargaining table to secure a legacy of improved healthcare plans for thousands of members. Experience the solidarity and strategic foresight that empowered the steelworkers to safeguard their health, welfare, and dignity against the shifting tides of industrial America.