Starbucks Workers Win a Union - Organizing for Power!

Tune in to hear about the exciting wins by Starbucks workers in Canada - including the first unionized Starbucks in Canada, in Victoria, British Columbia. Hear more about card check certification, now the law ini British Columbia. This means that if 55 per cent of workers sign a union card, workers win their union! Featuring USW National Director for Canada Marty Warren; Sarah Broad, USW Local 2009 unit chair; Kolton Martin, USW Local 2009 member; Izzy Adachi, Workers Solidarity Network; Harry Bains, B.C. Minister of Labour and Steelworker and Steelworker Starbucks workers!

Organizing for Power: Kumho Tire

Watch the inspiring story of how workers at Kumho Tire in Macon, Georgia worked with USW organizers to win their union. Hear organizers and Kumho Tire workers on the steps they took to form a union, beat back employer opposition and stay strong together! As USW staff representative Alex Perkins says, “you can organize any industry in the south, it just depends on your approach!” Featuring: USW International President Tom Conway; Mario Smith, Kumho organizing committee; “Cap” Burks, Kumho organizing committee; Melinda Jones, Kumho – raw materials lab; and Alex Perkins, USW staff representative.