Out of This Furnace: A Walking Tour of Thomas Bell’s Novel, 1992, 20 minutes

Dr. David Demarest discovered Thomas Bell’s iconic novel about the immigrant experience in a used book store in the 1970s. He wrote an “Afterward” chapter and it became the biggest seller of all time for the University of Pittsburgh Press. In this video, Dr. Demarest walks the streets of Braddock, showing sites that are mentioned in the novel, thus tying the book to its roots in the mill and neighborhood.

Eddie Tire and Scabs

Warren, owner, and operator of Eddie Tire in Hayden, Arizona, has a special way of showing solidarity during a strike. About 2,000 of our union siblings have been out on an Unfair Labor Practice strike against ASARCO, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico, for more than three months now. It’s a tough fight, but we’re willing to stand up for what’s right for as long as it takes. Watch and share to show you’re with us in this modern-day David vs. Goliath fight! #1u #USWUnity #OneDayLonger