Current Labor Disputes

Our goal is to reach an agreement without a labor dispute, but when employers attempt to erode decades of collective bargaining gains, undermine retirement security and compromise workplace safety, we stand together as a union to fight for our jobs, our families and our futures.

Below is a list of our current labor disputes, including ways you can take action to support them.


USW Local Union 6500 

Picket lines went up at Vale’s Sudbury operations on June 1 after the members of Local 6500 soundly rejected contract concessions demanded by mining giant Vale. The company's offer provided little to nothing in terms of pension improvements and annual wage increases of 1% after accounting for cost-of-living adjustments. A menial increase was proposed for workers in the defined-benefit pension plan, while Vale offered no increase in its contributions to members in the defined-contribution pension plan.

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USW Local Union 13-243

On May 1, 2021, ExxonMobil locked out more than 650 Steelworkers at their Beaumont, Texas refinery and their blending and packaging plant to force the workers to accept a proposal which included major changes impacting members’ safety, security and seniority. Our brothers and sisters deserve to stay safe on the job. Having skilled, experienced workers operating the facility keeps communities safe.

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USW Local Unions 1196-1, 1196-2, 1138, 1138-1, 1138-6, 7139-5, 1046, 1357, 9436

On March 30, 2021 more than 1,300 of our steelworker siblings at eight locations in Penn., Ohio, N.Y. and Mass., began an unfair labor practice strike against their employer ATI. ATI is determined to force our brothers and sisters to accept unnecessary concessions on health care and other issues even though they worked to keep the business running, while management stayed home, throughout the pandemic. After going without a wage increase since 2014 these skilled, essential workers deserve a fair contract.

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USW Local Unions 886, 915, 937-02, 5252, 5613

On October 13, 2019, more than 1,700 union copper workers in Arizona and Texas began an unfair labor practice strike against Asarco. Asarco is a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico, a multinational company with a long history of violating workers’ rights in Mexico and the U.S. Workers on strike at Asarco haven’t received a wage increase in more than ten years and the company is demanding major concessions on health care and job security.

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