Legal Help

Your Legal Representation In Challenging Corporate Abuses

As our economy becomes more competitive and global, workers face larger challenges and opportunities, and the Steelworkers Union can be found on a number of frontlines affecting workers everywhere. In federal court, we are helping to sue major American companies for horrible human rights violations at their operations in South America. In Washington, D.C., before our nation’s Court of International Trade, we are working to enforce the trade laws of our nation on behalf of steel industry employees. And closer to home for many American employees, we are fighting employers who would use and abuse the bankruptcy laws.

If You're a USW Member and Think You Need Legal Representation

When a member thinks he or she has need for legal advice or assistance with matters having to do with collective bargaining, he or she should contact his or her local president who, in turn, will contact the USW Staff Representative.

The Staff Representative can then contact the Legal Department directly for legal advice.  If it appears that litigation is necessary, the Staff will seek permission from the District Director to get the Legal Department involved in such litigation.  The Legal Department will then handle the litigation directly or engage a local law firm to handle it.