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For only $1 every month, SOAR members receive our quarterly newsletter in the mail, along with a SOAR Chapter membership card and a new member kit that contains a lapel pin, informational pamphlets and more.

In addition to receiving regular updates about how to stay engaged in our union’s efforts to improve the lives of workers and our communities, SOAR members can access the Union Plus Benefits Program through the AFL-CIO. Union Plus offers unique savings and benefits including discounts on AT&T, entertainment, hotels, flights and car rentals. Union Plus' mortgage program can even assist you and your children with buying or refinancing your home. Find out more about the Union Plus Benefits Program at

How can you become a SOAR Chapter member?

SOAR membership is only $1 every month ($12 per year) for retired USW members or like-minded retirees. Spouses and surviving spouses of USW retirees can join for just $3 per year.*

Click here for an application or call 1 (866) 208-4420 and request an application be sent via U.S. mail.

SOAR International Executive Board Officers

  • William Pienta - SOAR President
  • Doug MacPherson - SOAR Vice President
  • Scott Marshall - SOAR Vice President
  • Denise Edwards - SOAR Secretary-Treasurer

*In 2019, SOAR's by-laws were amended to welcome any like-minded individual, age 45 or over, who agrees with and supports the guiding principles and programs of the organization. Click here to see SOAR's by-laws.