Child has cancer and National Grid cuts off health insurance

Imagine your sick child is scheduled for his first chemo treatment and you are literally blocked from going to work by your long-time employer, who stops your family’s health care coverage. This is what National Grid is doing to our brothers and sisters in Massachusetts. Join us in telling National Grid that it’s shameful, immoral and that the lockout needs to end: #EndTheLockOut #USWUnity

Pitt Faculty are Organizing to Form a Union!

After more than two years of hard work, faculty at the University of Pittsburgh are moving their campaign to form a union with the USW's Academic Workers Association to the next phase by beginning to collect union cards. Some 4,000 full and part-time faculty are organizing because they want a voice in how the university is run, ensuring the core mission—teaching and research—doesn't takes a back seat to other priorities. Comment below with your words of solidarity to wish them luck!