June 18, 2021: ATI Has a Basic Truth Problem

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Today’s dose of un-reality from ATI proves once again that the company can’t (or won’t) tell the truth about our negotiations.
For a week, we have reached out to ATI with updated information.
They told us and the mediator they would get back to us, and they have not yet responded to our emails. The company must be desperate and losing customers.
They are telling lies to the USW membership and blaming us for their incompetence at negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.
Shame on Wetherbee and his band of thieves! Only ATI management would expect workers who have gone without a wage increase in seven years to fall for its smoke-and-mirrors game of wage “increases” offset by health care premiums.
It’s time to stop the lies, ATI! Stop the unfair labor practices, and stop trying to injure the employees and their families!
If this company cares about its employees, it would stop fighting our unemployment compensation and bargain in good faith with us for a fair contract. 
Stay strong and stay committed to a fair contract.
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