Bargaining Update 9/11/2023: Introducing Your Team

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Bargaining for our next contract with Congoleum kicks off in late October and you have a strong slate of USW member-leaders prepping to go to the table. Get to know your Bargaining Committee!

Chief Negotiator John Ash: John is currently the Sub-District Director for the Media office. He has 8 years experience as Staff Representative serving 31 USW locals across all industries. He began his union career in 1990 as a Chemical Worker with USW Local 10- 667. He has held various positions such as: Shop Steward, Recording Secretary, Safety Rep. TOPS investigator, Vice President and then President. He was selected for the USW Leadership Scholarship Program. John also serves as a Vice President on the Philadelphia AFL-CIO board.

USW 12698 Bargaining Committee members

Bob Biondy: 7 years member, 5 years Steward, 4 years Next Generation Committee, 3 years Co-Chair Health & Safety Committee, 3 years Local Union/Unit President

Joe Brown: 49 years member, 25 years Steward, 12 years Local Union Recording Secretary, 12 years Bargaining Committee

Tyrone Friend: 32 years member, 12 years Steward, 12 years Human & Civil Rights Committee, 6 years Local Union Treasurer, 3 years Local Union Vice President

Bob Hayden: 32 years member, 16 years Steward, 12 years Safety Representative 

Ethan McClain: 7 years member, 5 years Steward, 4 years Next Generation Committee,

3 years Unit Recording Secretary



Text 12698 to the phone number 47486 to get the latest news from bargaining.