Essential Glassworkers Deserve a Fair Contract!

Click here to download a printable PDF you can distribute to your local union members.

Over the past two years, we showed up and did everything we could to keep each other safe and our equipment running – while management got to stay tucked away in their homes and offices.

Despite our hard work, some in management continue to ignore our experience and contributions.

We are a highly-skilled and dedicated workforce. We show up every day, and we care about the success of the company, our communities and meeting our customer needs.

The company told us we are essential! Now we deserve a fair contract that honors our labor.

As we head into contract negotiations, please remember: It’s YOUR hard work that gets products out.

Our Bargaining Committee will be fighting for us at the table, but we are stronger together.

Be ready to participate in solidarity activities to show management we are strong and united!