David M. Wasiura

David M. Wasiura

District 4 Director

Dave Wasiura was named as District 4 Director in 2023 to succeed retiring Director Del Vitale. Wasiura served as Vitale’s assistant director for four years before his election.

In 1996, Wasiura began his career as a fourth-generation metalworker in Buffalo, N.Y., when he followed in his father’s footsteps and took a job at the American Brass facility, just a few blocks away from his family home.

Over the next fifteen years, Wasiura served in several positions in his local union, including as local vice president and as a member of the bargaining committee.

In 2004, during the Kerry-Edwards presidential campaign, Wasiura volunteered to knock on doors and talk to union members on issues critical to working families. In June 2010, he went to work in the political department at the USW headquarters in Pittsburgh, where he was involved in coordinating the union’s national field program in multiple locations and campaigns across the United States.

In January 2013, Wasiura returned to District 4 as a staff representative, working with local union members in New Jersey and New England before returning to Buffalo to serve as the District 4 organizing coordinator.

A four-year graduate of the USW’s leadership-scholarship program, Wasiura has bargained contracts and organized new members across a wide range of industries throughout the district. He has served as the district’s Next Gen Coordinator and as a member of the Western New York Area Labor Federation Executive Board. Since December 2019, he has served on the New York State AFL-CIO Executive Council.

As District 4 director, Wasiura represents USW members across Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Puerto Rico.