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Statement by USW International President Leo W. Gerard on the Signing of Landmark Agreements with Chinese Clean Energy Companies

Today we signed what may be a historic agreement with two Chinese companies to create manufacturing jobs in America. This is consistent with the tradition of the USW’s resolve to foster relationships that result in good paying, union jobs for our members.

We often say that the USW can be a great partner to any employer that respects the right of workers to have a union and earn decent wages and benefits in a safe work environment. Many of our members already work for foreign-owned corporations such as ArcelorMittal and Bridgestone-Firestone.

As you might recall, there was significant controversy when it appeared that U.S. tax dollars would go to Chinese companies to build a large wind farm in Texas. It was then that USW allies such as U.S. Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) intervened and highlighted the need to build a modern, domestically located wind energy manufacturing chain.

The USW acted to ensure that the wind farm components would be made by union workers in America instead of imported from overseas.  

Many issues remain in our relationship with China – currency undervaluation, illegal subsidies, dumping, etc. but it is in the interest of working Americans that we always pursue any opportunity that will help to restore manufacturing in America.


USW Signs Landmark Agreements with Leading Power Generation Companies in China

To Advance Development of America’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Supply Chain

(Pittsburgh) -- The United Steelworkers (USW) announced today it has signed agreements with A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd, (NASDAQ: APWR) and Shenyang Power Group (“SPG”), two of China’s leading power generation companies.  This agreement provides a strong foundation for a win-win relationship between Chinese renewable energy equipment manufacturers and U.S. workers as the USW will guide and work collaboratively on all aspects of the companies’ U.S. market strategies including manufacturing, assembly, component sourcing, distribution and wind energy project development.

“We will work with A-Power and SPG to create long-term, good-paying, green American jobs,”   said USW International President Leo W. Gerard. “The USW is committed to building a strong domestic supply chain that will be key to the future of America’s global renewable energy leadership.” A-Power and SPG  anticipate purchasing over time approximately 50,000 tons of steel to be manufactured in unionized American steel mills to supply the towers for a 615MW wind farm in Texas.

“It is an honor to team up with the Steelworkers for this historic partnership that will result in hundreds of American jobs and help create a clean energy future for the U.S.” said Cappy McGarr, US-REG Managing Partner. “We look forward to working closely with the USW on further projects to help expand wind power and renewable energy in the U.S.”

“Through our partnership with the U.S. Renewable Energy Group, we had the unique opportunity to meet President Gerard and understand his vision for win-win relationships between manufacturers and workers,” said Mr. Jinxiang Lu, Shenyang Power Group Chairman and CEO.  “We quickly discovered that our company’s high standards at every level of the clean energy technology supply chain were the same as those of the USW.  A-Power, SPG and USW know that the success of our organizations is dependent on developing the world’s most sophisticated and skilled workforce.”

“Our cooperation with USW will benefit the development of our projects, including the planning of a wind turbine assembly plant in Nevada and the ongoing development of the supply chain for the expected delivery of wind turbines to the 615MW wind farm under development in Texas,” said John S. Lin, Chief Operating Officer of A-Power.

“This is obviously the first cooperative agreement between the USW and a company headquartered in China, and it is appropriate that we recognize the expertise and insight of Cappy McGarr and Ed Cunningham of the U.S. Renewable Energy Group who brought together this landmark cooperation,” said Gerard.

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About United Steelworkers

The USW is the largest industrial union in North America, representing 850,000 active workers employed in manufacturing, energy, public and the service sectors. It is the dominant union in metals, mining, pulp and paper, rubber, oil, chemicals, cement and glass, but also represents professional and technical workers, nurses, pharmacists, hospital and municipal employees. The USW is a founding organization of the Blue-Green Alliance. For more about the USW: www.usw.org/.

About A-Power:

A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. ("A-Power"), through its China-based operating subsidiaries, is the largest provider of distributed power generation systems in China, focusing on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly projects of 25MW to 400MW. In 2008, A-Power entered the wind energy market and has built China's largest wind turbine manufacturing facility, located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, with a total annual production capacity of 1,125MW. In March 2009, A-Power entered into an agreement to establish a Joint Venture partnership with GE Drivetrain Technologies to produce wind turbine gearboxes in Shenyang. In addition to the establishment of strategic relationships with world's leading wind energy design and engineering companies, A-Power has formed joint research programs with Tsinghua University and the China Academy of Sciences to develop and commercialize other renewable energy technologies. For more information, please visit http://www.apowerenergy.com .

About Shenyang Power Group (SPG):

SPG is a renewable energy industry alliance based in Shenyang, China. SPG’s member companies range from power equipment makers to engineering service providers, including A-Power. The alliance was created to integrate local resources and leverage the manufacturing, engineering and government initiatives in the Shenyang area so that SPG can pursue large-scale, international projects in the alternative energy sector.

About US-REG:

The United States Renewable Energy Group is a U.S.-based private equity firm that mobilizes and facilitates the participation of international financing and investment in large-scale renewable energy projects within the United States. US-REG’s mission is to integrate renewable and environmentally sound energy technologies into the American marketplace, while generating tremendous returns with a range of smart and strategic investments in clean energy. US-REG is devoted to strengthening America’s energy independence, environmental quality, and economic vitality through investments in utility-scale projects in wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, and bioenergy. US-REG mobilizes and facilitates the participation of international financing and investment in renewable energy projects within the United States. By facilitating the expansion and development of business strategies through managing risks and complexities associated with foreign financing and investment, US-REG provides American businesses with access to international investment options, fosters economic development of the U.S. renewable energy industries and generates new high paying jobs for Americans. To learn more about US-REG visit www.US-REG.com.


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