Rapid Response Feedback Report: We did it again! So-called Right to Work has been defeated in New Hampshire

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 We Did It Again! 

So-called Right to Work has been defeated in New Hampshire. 

Yesterday, with Steelworkers and our allies once again stationed in the gallery, the New Hampshire House soundly killed the latest attempt by state and national proponents to pass so-called right-to-work legislation (HB 1377) by a bipartisan vote of 212 to 168.

The measure has been buried with an indefinite postponement vote which means it cannot be resurrected until 2026. 

For nearly two decades anti-worker legislators have been pushing to usher so-called right to work into the state. And each time, New Hampshire workers have stood their ground and used their voices to push back and defeat it.

We could not be prouder of the efforts that went into this defeat, and we thank each and every worker who made yesterday possible 

 “We are so proud of our members from across New Hampshire who showed up at the District meetings, rallies, and the Statehouse. They knew what a disastrous policy Right to Work is to the standard of living and they let their voices be heard loud and clear. They are why we are able to defeat legislation like this time after time. We have them to thank.” – District 4 Director, Dave Wasiura 

How Did Your House Member Vote?

Click HERE (http://usw.to/4xb) to see the Roll Call. (Search Bill No HB1377) 

This good work never gets done without you. Thank you! 

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