Rapid Response Action Call: Keep Up the Pressure, Georgia Steelworkers

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Keep Up the Pressure, Georgia Steelworkers

For the last few weeks, we have been diligently pressuring Georgia legislators (http://usw.to/4wn) to oppose S.B. 362 (http://usw.to/4wi), a bill that would prohibit Georgia businesses receiving state economic subsidies from voluntarily recognizing a union in their workplace.

This bill is clearly illegal because the federal government already protects this right. If passed it will deplete taxpayer dollars on costly legal fees and is nothing but a waste of time and resources that could be used to craft policies that are beneficial to Georgia families and communities. 

They knew we were coming. 

Yesterday, working people showed up at the statehouse in solidarity to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill in an anticipated vote in the House. Those efforts made a critical impact and the vote has been postponed until likely next week. 

We can’t stop now! 

We know better and we see right through this. When Steelworkers organize, we win! (http://usw.to/4x9) The new era of the Georgia labor movement is here and S.B. 362 is evidence that anti-union legislators funded by corporations are scared of workers getting their fair share. So, we must keep the pressure on!  

We Need You Now More than Ever! 

It's time to take action and reach every state representative. (http://usw.to/4x8)

S.B. 362 is a bill that prevents employers in Georgia from receiving state incentives if they recognize union representation without first holding a secret ballot election. Private businesses would also be prohibited from receiving such subsidies if they share the contact information of employees with a union. These practices are legal under federal law and help workers get the unions they want. Let's stand together against S.B. 362 and safeguard the rights of workers and businesses in Georgia. 

Please take a moment to click HERE (http://usw.to/4x8) to send a prewritten email to your Georgia representative urging them to OPPOSE S.B. 362. It just takes a minute and makes a real impact! 

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