Rapid Response Action Call: It’s Time to Act. Labor Unions in Georgia Are Under Attack

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 Rapid Response Action Call: It’s Time to Act.
Labor Unions in Georgia Are Under Attack.

Last week, we told you about Senate Bill 362, a bill that violates federal labor laws, discourages economic growth in Georgia, and rewards union busting. Thursday, the bill was voted out of Senate by a vote of 31-23. It will now move to the House for a vote.

Why are they doing this?

Recently, a State Senator shared that this bill is a "message to the federal government”. As federal dollars are being sent to states as a result of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the CHIPS Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), it’s become clear the language in these bills connecting the funding to supporting workers who want to unionize is problematic for corporations. We worked hard during the crafting of these bills to ensure companies who received these funds allow workers who want to organize have the ability to do so without pushback. This bill is clearly a way around that.

We know better and we see right through this. The new era of the Georgia labor movement is here and S.B. 362 is evidence that anti-union legislators funded by corporations are scared of workers getting their fair share.

Here are two ways you can join the fight!

It's time to take action and reach every state representative.

A majority of Americans would join a union right now if they could, and working people across all sectors of the economy are organizing like never before. The reason for this was simple: Union contracts are life-changing opportunities for pay raises, better benefits, safer workplace standards, and more. Yet, anti-labor state legislators are working to weaken organized labor and worker power in the state of Georgia. We must stop this legislation!

  1. Tell your state representative to OPPOSE S.B. 362. Click HERE to send a pre-written email to them.
  2. Join us for a Labor Lobby Day on February 22 in Atlanta! Click HERE to register.

For more information on this issue or how you can get more involved with Rapid Response, please contact District 9 Rapid Response Coordinator, Shane Mitchell at smitchell@usw.org.

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