USW Organizing Director Maria Somma Talks Pro-Worker Momentum on the Leslie Marshall Show

USW Organizing Director Maria Somma this week appeared on the Leslie Marshall Show to discuss how workers across sectors are harnessing their collective power to secure fair contracts and safe working conditions.

“What we're seeing over the last several years is a resurgence of workers recognizing the value of what a collective power can look like through a union contract,” Somma said. “People will go on strike for a day to deal with one specific issue, but we're talking about using that solidarity and collective power for long-term change in the workplace.”

Somma also highlighted President Joe Biden's commitment to labor, and his whole of government approach to helping workers exercise their right to organize.

"Many presidents have voiced labor support, but what sets President Biden apart is his action, enacting legislation that outlines the government's commitment to supporting American workers," Somma said. “By attaching requirements to government support for private industry, such as adherence to labor laws and respecting workers' rights to form unions, he emphasizes a fair exchange for public tax dollars and advocates for American production."

The surge in public investment in infrastructure and clean technology, coupled with Biden’s commitment to fair labor standards is also providing new opportunities for workers, Somma said.

Ultimately, however, for workers to fully capitalize on this moment, they need the protections offered by the Protecting the Right to Organize or PRO Act.

“Right now, it is extremely difficult to organize, it’s a long, arduous undertaking and employers retaliate against workers throughout the entire process,” Somma said. “The PRO Act looks at the hardest issues workers face and tries to address those, while also holding employers accountable.” 

You can listen to the full interview below.

Listen to "Workers Seizing the Moment" on Spreaker.

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