Labor Day 2023: It's Better in a Union!

Standing together with co-workers in a union makes a tangible difference you can feel every day.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Workers in labor unions make 18% more in wages than our nonunion counterparts.
  • We are more likely to have health care benefits. More than nine out of 10 union members have access to employer-provided health insurance, compared to 68% of nonunion workers, according to the Department of Labor.
  • We work in safer workplaces. One study found job sites that were unionized have lost-time claims at a 31% lower rate than non-unionized sites.
  • We have more job security—even and especially in moments of economic crisis. Countries where most workers are in a union are among the happiest and healthiest on Earth.

Watch the videos below to hear how life is better with the USW! 

Dartez Jacobs
USW Local 9004, USFL

Athena Gerber
USW Local 9562, United Library Workers

Myron Bynum
USW Local 9445

Devin Gray
USW Local 9004, USFL

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