USW Local 7600 averts strike, ratifies new agreement with Kaiser Permanente

Local 7600 announced last Friday that the union membership ratified their latest four-year agreement with Kaiser Permanente after months of difficult negotiations with the health care giant.

“Not only were our members able to avert a strike, but they gave zero concessions, fought off two-tiered wages, and secured permanent wage improvements over the life of the contract,” said Local 7600 President Micheal Barnett. “We’re so proud of our membership for sticking together. This is what solidarity looks like.”

A few highlights of the agreement include across-the-board wage increases, increased transparency around job postings, and significant progress in closing the Inland Empire wage gap, opening the door to further improvements in future contracts on the issue of wage justice.

The local bargaining committee also achieved a comprehensive line-by-line review of their agreement to address outdated language, processes and procedures, along with an updated process to streamline seniority tie-breaking among employees hired on the same date and a plan to develop LVN wage scales and other “grow-your-own” programs.

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