David McCall discusses domestic manufacturing policy, potential on the Leslie Marshall Show

USW International Vice President David McCall appeared on the Leslie Marshall Show last week to discuss the importance of American manufacturing to meaningful economic growth and the union’s upcoming We Supply America bus tour that will highlight jobs potential in a robust infrastructure investment.

“Manufacturing supplies all the critical goods we need and want,” said McCall. “It also provides good-paying jobs and good, family-sustaining jobs for the American workforce.”

McCall mentioned a shortage of computer chips in the auto industry as a glaring example of the country’s weakened supply chains. He also pointed to dependence on foreign producers for steel, aluminum and other essential goods as a national security threat.

“It's really time that people wake up and understand that the manufacturing sector has been weakened over the years and over the decades by bad trade policy and lack of attention to meaningful and sound economic growth,” said McCall.

A bipartisan, comprehensive infrastructure bill from Congress would help to strengthen those supply chains by boosting American manufacturing, while also making communities safer and more resilient. 

The USW is undertaking We Supply America bus tours in August to highlight the goods and services Steelworkers are already providing that can intersect with a modern infrastructure initiative. 

“It really is our opportunity to communicate with not only people in the communities where we live and work, but also with the general public and with the administration,” McCall said of the USW’s upcoming bus tour. 

“We need the support of Congress and continuing support from the administration to bring back our economy and bring back our jobs.”

Click below to listen to the full interview with David McCall about the importance of domestic manufacturing:

USW New Media · 07.26.202 USW VP David McCall on the Leslie Marshall Show

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