Feb. 19, 2020: Local 7686 Straight Talk

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Non-Economics Negotiations Continues, Awaiting Future Bargaining Dates

Our Bargaining Committee met with the company last week to exchange non-economic proposals.

We are close to an agreement on non-discrimination, union recognition, and a formalized process for union members to express their concerns to management through a labor management committee. 

We presented an additional 17 non-economic proposals addressing important non-economic issues such as:

  • Health and Safety
  • Breaks
  • Call-in Pay
  • Reporting Pay
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Overtime

One important issue that was expressed on our surveys, is ensuring our work is only performed by unions members to protect our jobs. To address this, we submitted proposals that specifically addressed subcontracting and bargaining unit work.

We will meet again on Thursday, February 20th and are eager to work towards getting the best contract for our members.

On that note, we cleared our calendars for the month of March and April because sitting at the table to bargain our contract is our highest priority. We continue to wait for the company to commit to any further bargaining dates.

To receive text updates about bargaining: text 7686 to 47486

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