August Update from SOAR President Bill Pienta

Why Wouldn’t We Do the Same?

With the political season already in full-swing in some areas, I thought it would be of value to remind everyone of the stated purpose of SOAR and what we as an organization strive to do.

Our purpose, in part, is “to engage in political and legislative action.” SOAR also exists “to advance the policies of the USW.” In doing so, SOAR will attempt to provide factual, accurate data and science-supported information to our members to provide reasoning for the position(s) that we take on issues and candidates.

Lately, too many conversations that I have been having with folks include comments like, “It’s just common sense…” or “Everybody knows…,” or “ You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that out….” These types of comments are usually reserved for those who have an opinion, but nothing else to back up their position about a subject matter.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion and I respect that; but, SOAR has an obligation and a responsibility to give a logical reason as to why we take the position(s) that we do. Also, as to why we do not take a position on some issues that may be important to individuals, but not germane to the reason SOAR exists.

The USW as an organization has taken a position that any federal candidate (U.S. House, Senate or President) who wishes to be considered for endorsement must return a completed USW Federal Candidate Questionnaire which deals with issues important to our Union.

I believe it is proper of our union not to consider any candidate that will not take the time to put in writing their position on labor issues and state whether they support our position on these issues. If a candidate doesn’t support labor issues, worker's rights, and retirement security then they do not support the members or retirees of our union. For example: The Chamber of Commerce supports businessfriendly candidates. The NRA supports candidates that support their position. Why would we as a labor organization not do the same?

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