USW members at Ardagh: Labor Day Message

To all USW members at Ardagh,

We hope you all get to enjoy some time off this Labor Day weekend and have an opportunity to celebrate the strength of solidarity and the dignity of work. USW members work hard for both the success of the company and all of the pay and benefits you earn.

This Labor Day, we also remember the efforts of all those that came before us, to gain things like vacations, holiday pay, overtime pay, premium pay, health insurance, retirement benefits, and better working conditions, just to name a few. In March, Ardagh demanded steep concessions from the GMP Council Locals, including taking away almost all premium pay. As a result of your solidarity, management withdrew their proposal to take away premium pay. Now, Ardagh is demanding steep concessions from the Mold Makers, including major changes in work schedules and taking away premium pay that we’ve had for decades.

We know if management is successful in gutting premium pay for Mold Makers, they’ll be coming after everyone else’s premium pay next time – that’s their version of “aligning premium pay”.

Despite management’s efforts, we will continue to support each other and make our solidarity even stronger – that’s the power of the Union!

In Solidarity,

Rob Witherell
Glass Industry Conference
Bruce Smith
GMP Council

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