Tips for Local Union Elections

Local Union Elections are under way. As members, we must be aware of the law and the rules detailed in the International and Local Union Elections Manuals, which is available upon request by calling the Local Union Service Department at 412-562-2380.

Labor law and the International and Local Union Elections Manuals prevent anyone running for office from being promoted in local, district or International union newsletters, leaflets, websites, social media and other material produced by or for the union. The rules also prohibit the use of union equipment such as computers, copy or fax machines, telephones; the use of union space (including Local Union halls and events); or union staff during official work hours to promote or discredit any candidate. Use of the union’s logo is prohibited on any candidate material, website, or social networks.

Local union communications should not be used to promote or prejudice the candidacy of a member running for a local union or international union office, or to influence in any way a member’s vote.

For example, if a member, seeking elective office, has never written a column for a publication or website, then continue the ban. The best policy to follow is one of "continuity." Do not print unflattering photos of candidates as they can unintentionally demean that person. Do not, give any office-seeker undue publicity in the form of photos, or praise from other existing columnists prior to an election. Do not discuss or feature campaigns or candidates on union websites or social media networks, and do not do so on personal sites or networks during hours you are being paid by the Union or when using union equipment or property. Do not build, host or work on candidate websites or social networks using union resources, including web accounts and equipment. Be especially careful to review all photos, videos, articles and other content for unintentional showcase of candidates and/or their signs, buttons, shirts or other campaign material when using these materials in official union communications.

This is a reminder and not an all-inclusive list of the rules and laws. Please review the International and Local Union Elections Manuals for all guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Local Union Services at 412-562-2380 before you do anything.

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