Right to Work is WRONG!: We need to vote NO on Proposition A

Right to Work is WRONG!
We need to vote NO on Proposition A.

Right to Work is an unnecessary, unfair government overreach into the workplace that distracts from the real concerns Missouri families have like creating jobs and improving schools. It’s not just a union-only issue. Right to Work will eventually harm everyone in our state.

Let’s look at the facts.

  • Median household income is $8,740 less on average in states that have Right to Work laws.
  • The rate of workplace death is 59% higher in states that have Right to Work laws.
  • People who are younger than 65 are more likely to not have health insurance in states that have Right to Work laws.
  • Missouri families deserve real rights and real freedom, not the forced agenda of greedy CEO’s who make 364 times the amount of the average worker.
  • Right to Work laws make it easier to ship our jobs overseas, cut health and safety protections and silence everyday citizens.

Real freedom in the workplace is about being able to balance life and work, attend a parent teacher conference, take a loved one to the doctor and have time for what matters in life without feeling like you are falling behind at work. Real freedom is Missourians deciding whether Right to Work becomes law – not politicians bought and paid for by out of state interests. Proposition A is Right to Work, and we need to stand together reject it.

To get more information on this issue and to see how you can help, please contact District 11 Rapid Response Coordinator, Bob Ryan at 612-851-0754 (office), 651-295-4155 (cell) or rryan@usw.org

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