·  by Scott Marshall, SOAR Executive Board Member, District 7

District 7 Steelworker History Runs Deep at Bowen High School

At a recent meeting of District 7 SOAR Chapter 31-9, it was whole heartedly voted “yea” to contribute money to the Bowen High School Alumni Association; helping them to purchase several special banners to celebrate the school’s Steelworker history.

Bowen High School, a hundred years old in 2010, is located in the South Chicago neighborhood. The school was built near one of the original steel mills in Chicago in 1910. By 1901, that mill was owned by US Steel and later became known as South Works. The school’s symbol is a “Boilermaker.” Steelworkers were known as boilermakers in the early days of steel making.

The neighborhoods around Bowen High were long the home of many South Works steelworkers and other workers from nearby mills. As we discussed the motion, several speakers mentioned that they were Bowen graduates. So, we asked all SOAR members who were Bowen graduates to come up for a picture. We were delightfully surprised at the number who had worked at South Works. Still, others not in the picture had mothers, fathers, grandparents and other relatives who had gone to Bowen High.

Thank you Bowen High “Boilermakers.” You can be very proud of the role you played in Steelworker history.

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