Workers Can’t Afford More Delays on Trade

USW International President Leo W. Gerard and progressive talk show host Leslie Marshall last week discussed the many ways unfair trade is putting the country at risk and the actions the administration must take to limit the damage.

In April, President Trump initiated investigations into unfairly traded steel and aluminum under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act, which covers national security. At the time he said a report would be ready in June. So far, there has been nothing, and in the meantime, steel imports have jumped another 21 percent.

Each delay, said Gerard, further hurts workers and imperils the country. “The union takes the position that national security means more than just military equipment. National security means bridges. It means airports. It means water-treatment systems. It means water pipelines, gas pipelines. It means the total infrastructure of America.”

It’s essential to be able to supply America’s military, Gerard said, but the recent natural disasters also highlight the widespread need to bolster the country’s flagging infrastructure.

“All we’ve asked for is to have this president live up to his promises,” said Gerard.

While the administration equivocates, the USW plans to keep pushing for reforms to the country’s trade laws. “We’re not going to quit,” said Gerard. “We’re going to keep fighting. We’re going to now have events in front of members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, demanding that if the president doesn’t act, they should.”

Full discussion below.

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