SOAR and Rapid Response: We Are All In This Together!

Secure retirements. Good jobs. Workers’ rights. Safe and healthy workplaces. Stronger communities. Protection from illegal and unfair trade. A safety net for when life throws us curveballs. These are the things that build a fair economy where everyone can benefit—not just the wealthiest few. This is what grows the middle class and creates a better nation.

For over two decades, USW members and retirees have been working for these goals through Rapid Response, our union’s legislative education and action program. It’s not only for us. It’s for our kids, our grandkids, and all those coming after us. We have a legacy to leave.

Whether you are a member of a SOAR chapter or an individual USW retiree, we need your help. If you’re not yet engaged in Rapid Response, please reach out to the coordinator from your district and get plugged in. There are easy activities that you can do on your own or with a group to make a real difference. We’re all in this together!

DISTRICT 1:    Sue Browne, 269-838-5956
DISTRICT 4:    Mark McDonald, 716-553-0239
DISTRICT 7:    Jerome Davison, 219-617-5338
DISTRICT 8:    Chad Conley, 502-875-3332
DISTRICT 9:    Shane Mitchell, 205-631-0137
DISTRICT 10:  Maurice Cobb, 717-232-0805
DISTRICT 11:  Bob Ryan, 651-295-4155
DISTRICT 12:  Catherine Houston, 510-457-5175
DISTRICT 13:  Andy Frye, 918-232-8128

Press Inquiries

Media Contacts

Communications Director:
Jess Kamm at 412-562-6961

USW@WORK (USW magazine)
Editor R.J. Hufnagel

For industry specific inquiries,
Call USW Communications at 412-562-2442

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