No Room for More Corporatists on Supreme Court

International Secretary-Treasurer Stan Johnson and progressive talk show host Leslie Marshall this week discussed Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and his history of corporatist, anti-worker rulings.

Gorsuch has a deeply troubling record on workers’ rights, siding at almost every turn with employers, even when the cases in front of him were life and death for the individual worker.

“He is absolutely not a friend of working Americans,” said Johnson. “He doesn’t even know or really understand what a worker is. He was born into and remains a part of the 1 percent elite.”

Johnson referenced several cases in which Gorsuch ruled in favor of big companies, including one involving a truck driver who nearly froze to death waiting for a mechanic.

“I think he is without a doubt there are huge issues with how he has attempted to apply the law,” said Johnson, “He as erred on the side of corporations each and every time the circumstance arose. He’s a corporatist and has always been a corporatist.”

Another case involving a cancer patient who was fired also revealed Gorsuch’s true colors, said Johnson. The worker was advised by her doctor to stay home to avoid a flu outbreak that could have killed her because of her severely weakened immune system. Gorsuch ruled in favor of her employer.

“Anyone who’s going to sit on the Supreme Court should have a higher regard for human life. Period,” said Johnson. “There is no middle ground here. There is no way to justify it, no simple explanation. This is a disregard for human life.”

To hear the full audio, click the video below.

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