USW Cares: Local 3057's Rich Banichar to be Recognized with Prestigous Award

On Wednesday, June 1st, fourteen USW Jefferson Award winners from all over the United States and Canada are convening to be recognized during the International Executive Board meeting taking place at Linden Hall in Dawson, Pennsylvania.

Rich Banichar is District 1’s Jefferson Award winner; he is being awarded for his relentless efforts to keep the Shelby FISH food pantry in Ohio full for those who need it. 

Rich doesn’t just donate time and money to the FISH food pantry—he donates his heart and soul. By organizing two concerted fundraising drives each year, Rich ensures that the pantry stays fully stocked.  He does grocery shopping for the items himself, and delivers them to the pantry as well.


Patti Welsh, a worker at the FISH pantry, values Rich’s selflessness and recognizes the rare gift that is his generosity.

“Because of Rich, FISH of Shelby has been adopted by USW Local 3057,” Welsh said. “A plaque hangs outside the pantry door to that effect, and we display it proudly.”

Of course, to Rich, this isn’t about rewards or recognition. To him, it’s just the right thing to do.

“We have it made pretty well as Steelworkers. We’re working steady, and there are people who are suffering out there,” Rich said. “This is an opportunity for us to do something for them.”


In a community of 9,000, FISH served over 750 family members during the last quarter of 2015, and over the past six years since he began this work, they have raised approximately $30,000 in cash and food donations. Without Rich’s efforts, along with the support of his fellow Steelworkers, that may not have happened.

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