Update on Unfair Labor Practice Charges Filed Against ATI

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Many of you have heard your local officers talk about unfair labor practices. When we believe our rights under the National Labor Relations Act are violated, our recourse is to file Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Here is an update on that process.

There are 18 pending unfair labor practice Charges filed by the International Union or Local Unions.  Most of these Charges have been filed with NLRB Region 6 in Pittsburgh, though there are other Charges pending before the NLRB Regions in Cleveland, OH, Hartford, CT, and Portland, OR.  These Charges cover numerous topics involving ATI's conduct both at the bargaining table, including its bad faith bargaining positions, and away from the table, including actions that ATI took before the lock out began and its conduct directed at our picketing members since the start of the lockout.  Through these Charges, the International Union contends that the Company locked out our members to support its unlawful bargaining positions.

Many lawyers from the USW Legal Department have been involved in presenting these Charges.  When a Charge is filed, the Union is responsible for providing evidence to the NLRB Region, which ultimately decides whether to issue a complaint which will allow the case to go forward.  As a result, Legal Department lawyers have interviewed numerous bargainers, Local Union committee members, and members and have accompanied these witnesses to NLRB affidavits.  Further, because of the importance of legal issues involved, these lawyers have written several position statements analyzing the evidence and the law.  In the course of the investigation, the NLRB agents have asked our lawyers to follow-up on numerous questions, which oftentimes requires us to talk to more witnesses and write additional legal arguments.

Again, whether the case goes forward is in the NLRB's hands.  That's why our lawyers and committee people have spent so much time exhaustively presenting evidence and legal argument.  While this may seem like a slow process, the Union knows from experience in many other fights through the years that there is only one way to present a case - thoroughly and carefully.

Watch for further updates as this process continues.  Stay strong and safe. Together we will win a fair contract. 

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