Fast Track is Back!

2015 will be a critical year for trade policy. Things are heating up quickly. Last year, we were successful in pushing back against Fast Track legislation - once in the early spring then again in the lame duck session in late 2014. Right now, we need FTFto work even harder because the 114th Congress is in session and gaining Fast Track authority is front and center on the agenda.

So what is Fast Track? Fast Track is a legislative procedure that speeds massive trade agreements through Congress with limited debate and no amendments.  It also contains no provisions to guard against abuses of workers’ rights, presenting a clear and present danger to not only our members, but every worker in the global economy. It would provide expedited and preferential treatment for unfair trade policies like those we have seen in the past that have led to stagnating wages and a rise in wealth inequality. We have already seen the effects in policies such as this by the decimation of U.S. manufacturing and an uncontrollable, rising trade deficit.

What you can do to stand up against Fast Track:

  • Talk to your co-workers, friends and families about this dangerous legislation.
  • Be ready to participate in a national call-in effort following the State of the Union address.
  • Be ready to participate in targeted efforts when called upon.
  • Help Derail Fast Track at our Rapid Response and Legislative Conference – We will be taking a stand on this issue on April 15th when hundreds of Steelworkers head to Capitol Hill to meet with Senators and Representatives. This will happen as part of our Rapid Response and Legislative Conference, which occurs that week in Washington, D.C., Click HERE for more conference details and online registration.

Trade done wrong has severe consequences. It destroys jobs, undercuts wages, accelerates income inequality and balloons trade deficits. Fast Track is just a recipe for this continued outsourcing and offshoring of jobs. This fight is about our jobs, our families, and our futures.

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