ATI Presents ‘Last, Best and Final’ Offer to USW

ATI Presents ‘Last, Best and Final’ Offer to USW

Union preparing counter offer, believes there is still a lot of bargaining to be done

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On Thursday, August 6th ATI management presented USW leadership with a proposal that they are calling a ‘last, best and final’ offer.  The new proposal was almost identical to the company’s previous offer which included dramatic concessions on healthcare, retirement security, scheduling, and job security.  Click here to download a copy of the company's full proposal.

Although the company is calling this a ‘last, best, and final offer,’ the USW believes that there is still a lot of meaningful bargaining to be done and that it’s counter productive to use that rhetoric at this point in the process.  The USW bargaining committee is preparing a counter proposal to respond to the company’s August 6 proposal.  Presidents from each unit will be getting together in Pittsburgh next week to discuss the company’s proposals and our next steps.

The USW remains committed to working with ATI’s management team to bargain a fair and equitable agreement that secures good, family sustaining jobs with quality healthcare, job security and retirement security for all USW members and for the next generation of Steelworkers. Unfortunately, it seems that ATI management is more interested in executing their war games on their own workers than working with our union to address the challenges that we’re facing.

While the USW bargaining team is prepared to continue contract negotiations with ATI and to seek productive solutions to the challenges that our industry is facing, we encourage all USW members to prepare yourselves and your families for the possibility of being locked out by ATI in the very near future. 


ATI is Picking the Wrong Fight with the Wrong Union!

            This is certainly a challenging time for all of us and for our families.  But Steelworkers at ATI are strong and determined, we’re mobilized, and we’re ready to do whatever it takes to win a fair contract.  We certainly don’t want a fight with ATI, but if we’re forced into a fight we’re prepared to win this fight.  Over the past 70 years our union has taken on tough fights—including fights with bigger and even more aggressive companies—and we’ve won.  If we stick together and support each other we will win a far contract at ATI. 

            Stay strong, stay safe, get prepared and watch for updates from your local union CAT team.  We will keep you all updated as this situation progresses. 

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