Other JAF programs

Do you want to nominate a volunteer who isn’t a union member? If so, the Jefferson Awards Foundation has several other programs that can allow you to recognize outstanding service.

360LEAD360 -LEAD360 is the platform that powers youth service ideas: to realize your vision, act as the megaphone for your voice, empower you & the country to ACT with MAXIMUM IMPACT.

actionStudents In Action - Students In Action (SIA) is a turnkey high school service and leadership program that trains student leaders to think big, become the driving force for effective service and create meaningful impact. We are in 325 high schools and have trained over 12,000 student leaders.


changeGlobeChangers - GlobeChangers identifies extraordinary young Americans, ages 5 to 25, with big ideas and big energy. Through training and mentorship, we help translate their BIG IDEA to CHANGE THE WORLD into national or global service projects.