Why Super Delegates Should Give Great Weight to the Candidate That Attracts the Most Independent Voters

If the primary purpose of Democratic super delegates is to direct the nomination to the most electable candidate, then they should give great weight to the candidate who attracts the most independent voters in the approximately 20 open primaries. Independent voters can cast ballots in either the Democratic or Republican races.

Because these results reflect the views of unaffiliated voters, as opposed to closed primaries, open primaries are a microcosm for the 2016 general election.

According to this Washington Times article, Anti-Clinton Backlash Palpable in N.H., independent voters dominate New Hampshire's electorate, with those that took a Democratic ballot voting heavily for Bernie Sanders. He attracted more than 70 percent of the bloc. On the Republican side, the independents broke heavily for Donald Trump, according to exit polling.

It's a devastating evaluation from a state that has been kind in the past to Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, delivering a victory to her in the 2008 primary and rescuing his 1992 campaign with a surprise second-place showing.


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