Scrap the Cap on Social Security

Terry Steagall
Local 1010

The Fear Mongers of the Republican Congressional delegation are continuously making claims that we need to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare to keep them solvent. The Fear Mongers are constantly putting undue stress on Social Security recipients who paid into the system for years and are now living on a fixed income, with some solely dependent on Social Security income to live. 

Some older workers are putting off retirement because of the Fear Monger rhetoric about cutting Social Security and Medicare. We cannot allow the Fear Monger Republicans to bully the older generation of America or to force them to live in fear. It’s time for the American people to stand up and fight back for a Social Security and Medicare system that is fair to its recipients.

The solution to Social Security funding is simple: scrap the cap on Social Security income tax limits. The current Social Security income tax limit is $118,500, which means most Americans pay the tax on every dollar they earn because they earn less than $118,500. By contrast, CEOs stop paying Social Security taxes within the month of January each year because they pay Social Security taxes on only the first $118,500 they earn and don't hand over one cent of Social Security tax on anything they get after that, no matter how many millions it is. 

We need to scrap the $118,500 cap.  If we did, the extra income from taxing rich people at the same rate that working people are taxed would provide sufficient funding for the Social Security system. It’s time to stop the bullying Fear Monger Republicans. Let your Congressional representatives know that we demand legislation that provides fair and equitable Social Security benefits to older Americans.

It’s time for the American people to fight for social and economic justice and for an equitable Social Security system that meets the moral values of America!

Call or write your U.S. Representative and U.S Senators to give them the solution to funding Social Security: “Scrap the Cap” and levy the Social Security tax on all income. 


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