Election 2016: Members Speak Out

Jack Tipold
Local 6787

Jack Tipold, 53, of Valparaiso, Ind., is a fourth-generation Steelworker. He’s been a member of USW Local 6787 for a quarter century and serves as its recording secretary and Rapid Response coordinator. He works at ArcelorMittal. He’s married, a veteran and the father of two sons, age 15 and 11.

“This election to me is the most personal election I have ever been involved in. I am worried about my boys.  If they don’t go to college, I am afraid that they may not have the chance to go to the mill like my dad and granddad and I did.  That is the heart and soul of this whole election. I sincerely believe Hillary will take care of my family because of her track record. If you do your homework, you know that she stands up for families. She has a history of doing it over 40 years.  

“You cannot befriend Donald Trump. He is not going to be in our corner. He is a billionaire. He is going to take care of his billionaire friends.

"Donald Trump’s choice for vice president is. Mike Pence. I wanted him to run for governor of Indiana again so we could get him fired. Donald Trump is no steelworker. He acts like we are one big happy family. He does not embrace our values.

"It is really, really important to understand that Hillary Clinton has fought her entire life against right to work and Donald Trump is for right to work. Indiana is a right-to-work state now. I think with Hillary Clinton in office, we can overturn right to work in Indiana with the right governor."

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Stronger Together