Election 2016: Members Speak Out

Timothy Chambon
Local 1138

Timothy Chambon, 59, of Natrona Heights, Pa., is a retired president of Local 1138. The local, based in Vandergrift, Pa., represents employees at ATI Flat Rolled Products.

“Personally, I just feel Hillary Clinton is a much better candidate than Donald Trump. She is better for us as Steelworkers, as American workers. I think that her long-range plans are much better than his, and I also feel for the security of this country that she is a much more stable person.

"I’m supporting Hillary because she supports us. Once everybody sees the real Donald Trump they will understand. Even in my own family there are folks who believe in Donald Trump. I’ve got to explain no, he’s not going to help us. He’s not going to help you and I.

“Once folks start seeing the big picture at least on the Steelworker side, we should turn that around.

“Hillary will protect our jobs better than Donald Trump would. She’s more in touch with us. You don’t even have to say anything about Trump. Her understanding of our issues makes her a far better candidate than a guy who only thinks about himself.

 “Once she gets elected and starts her program to rebuild America’s infrastructure, that will create more jobs, more union jobs with American-made products. That means USW jobs and if you have to make more steel, then you make more, and that gives you more union workers.

“If it’s all union steel we’re using, or all American-made steel, that’s more American jobs. It will create jobs downstream as well as upstream, and I think she’s the best person to get that done. It will grow the union.


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