Leader Cruz?

And you thought Night of the Living Dead was scary …

In discussing his horror classic, George Romero stated that he wanted to make a hopeless film – one in which the rogues, not the good guys, prevailed.

On Nov. 4 that happened.  Republicans regained control of the U.S. Senate by a significant margin.  They’re projected to hold the upper chamber by eight seats.  Now for the scary part:  There’s a consensus developing that, while Mitch McConnell of Kentucky will be the new majority leader, the de facto chief will be – shudder – Sen. Ted Cruz.

That’s the Ted Cruz who so influenced Tea Party members of the House of Representatives that the Federal government shut down as a result.  That shutdown in turn caused economic havoc in the United States.  For example, during the shutdown, 120,000 private sector jobs were lost.

This time around, the incendiary Senator from the Lone Star State hopes to lasso the GOP’s far-right core.  With their help, he’d like to:

  • Blindside the President’s expected executive actions on immigration
  • Eviscerate the Affordable Care Act. In that last context, note that the conservative Roberts Supreme Court has already agreed to hear a case that if won by the plaintiffs, would get the gutting going.

George Romero and Night of the Living Dead have nothing on Sen. Cruz.


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