Ditching ALEC

Recently, tech companies like Facebook and Google dropped their support of the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC.

ALEC is a group, supported and funded by big business, that champions right-wing legislation at the state and national levels.  One executive described how ALEC carries out its mission.  "They're just literally lying" about the realities of climate change, he said.

As ALEC’s methods became better known,  hundreds of thousands of Americans called on companies supporting the group to end their affiliation with ALEC.  Google, Facebook and others did.

Now, Organizing for America, President Obama’s permanent activism arm, is collecting signatures to submit to the EPA in support of President Obama's Clean Power Plan.  So far, over a quarter-million folks have signed.  Click here to tell the EPA where you stand.

ALEC-backed climate change deniers are precisely why the current EPA comment collection period is so important. Polluters and special interest groups have an outsized voice in shaping public policy, via front-men like ALEC.  The New York Times recently called the President's plan the "strongest action ever taken by an American president to tackle climate change."  That being the case, you’d better believe that ALEC and their ilk are going to fight that plan tooth and nail.

Let’s beat them to the punch.  Go to the link above and make your voice heard.


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