A Trade Union Perspective on "The New View" of Health and Safety

By James Frederick, Bud Hudspith and Gerry LeBlanc

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USW Comments on Proposed Rule of the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
The United Steelworkers offered comments and amendments to the proposed rulemaking supplementing 40 CFR Part 1600, which covers the actions of the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB).

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USW supports Mine Safety Act of 2015
The United Steelworkers are in strong support of the Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Protection Act of 2015.

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A Risk Too Great, Hydrofluoric Acid in U.S. Refineries
The USW released this study, “A Risk Too Great, Hydrofluoric Acid in U.S. Refineries,” to warn the public that refiners that use hydrofluoric acid (HF) in their alkylation process to make clean-burning gasoline do not have adequate safety systems in place and are not prepared to handle a release. HF is highly toxic and at high enough exposures it can kill a person. If released into the atmosphere, it rapidly forms a dense vapor cloud that hovers near land and can travel long distances. A release from U.S. refineries  can range from three to 25 miles, depending on the amount stored at the facility. More than 26 million Americans live within this range, many in urban areas such as Philadelphia, Memphis, Salt Lake City and Houston that are impossible to evacuate quickly. No other chemical process puts as many people at risk.

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Beyond Texas City
The State of Process Safety in the Unionized U.S. Oil Refining Industry

On March 23, 2005, a fiery blast at the BP refinery in Texas City, Texas killed 15 workers, injured 180 others and caused major alarm in the community. According to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), the incident led to financial losses exceeding $1.5 billion.”

In January 2006, nine months following the Texas City disaster, the Tony Mazzocchi Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Education (TMC) sent a 64-item, mailback survey to local unions at each of 71 United Steelworkers (USW)-represented refineries.

The survey sought to determine the extent to which conditions similar to those that led to the BP Texas City catastrophe exist at the nation’s other refineries and what is being done to correct those conditions.

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Papered Over - Safety and Health in the U.S. Paper Mills
A worker dies in a terrible industrial accident. A family is devastated. Friends and co-workers mourn. The company offers its sincere regrets and pays the workers compensation.

In the spring of 2008, the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (USW) initiated the Paper Research Action Project to address the alarming number of fatalities and serious injuries in the U.S. pulp and paper industry. The project was coordinated through the USW-affiliated Tony Mazzocchi Center for Health, Safety and Environmental Education (TMC).

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Securing Our Children's World
Our Union and the Environment

“Securing Our Children’s World, Our Union and the Environment” is an updated report developed by the USW’s International Executive Board Environmental Task Force which was presented to the IEB on Feb. 28, 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pa. As its title suggests, the report builds upon the landmark work of the original report, “Our Children’s World,” which was adopted at the 25th Constitutional Convention of the USW in Toronto, Ontario on Aug. 30, 1990.

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