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Leo W. Gerard USW International President

Let’s Sue the GOP

Let’s Sue the GOP

House Republicans last week overwhelmingly endorsed suing President Barack Obama for delaying part of the Affordable Care Act, a law Republicans hate and condemn and voted 50 times to repeal. So, really, the president did exactly what the GOP claims it wants. But they’re suing anyway.

On the other side of the Capitol, Senate Republicans last week prevented repair of a law that 99.99 percent of Americans hate and condemn and would vote 50 times to repeal, given the chance. The GOP blocked a bill that would have ended tax breaks bestowed on corporations for offshoring factories and jobs.

Only one Senate Republican voted for the Bring Jobs Home Act – the bill that would have replaced corporate reprobate rebates with rewards for firms that move factories back to America. Americans of all political persuasions object to paying higher taxes to offset the cost of coddling corporate defectors. The GOP’s filibustering of this bill is dereliction of duty. So let’s sue. And look at it this way, even if this is a lost cause – and it is – the more time Republicans must spend in court, the less time they have to obstruct the will of the people.

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What Does The Fed Have To Do With Social Security? Plenty.

Dean Baker

Dean Baker Co-Director, Author, Center for Economic and Policy Research

What Does The Fed Have To Do With Social Security? Plenty.

Most of the people who closely follow the Federal Reserve Board’s decisions on monetary policy are investors trying to get a jump on any moves that will affect financial markets. Very few of the people involved in the debate over the future of Social Security pay much attention to the Fed. That’s unfortunate because the connections are much more direct than is generally recognized.

The basic story of Social Security’s finances is that, while the program is entirely sound for the near future, the program is projected to face a shortfall in the decade of the thirties. Under current law, at that point it would be necessary to reduce benefits from their scheduled level, unless additional revenue can be raised.

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Teamsters: U.S. Proposal Fudges Trade Figures to Make Pacts Look Good

Mark Gruenberg

Mark Gruenberg Editor, Press Associates Union News

The Obama administration's Office of Management and Budget is floating a technical reclassification of billions of dollars of imported goods as “factoryless” to lessen the U.S. trade deficit , thus making future “free trade” pacts financially look good, the Teamsters say.       

And Teamsters President James Hoffa isn't the only union leader concerned about the scheme.  The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace – the Professional and Technical Engineers local that represents 25,000 engineers at Boeing – is objecting, too.   So are the AFL-CIO Industrial Unions Council and a top union ally on trade issues, Public Citizen's Trade Watch.

“The only reason you would classify an iPhone made in China as a U.S. export is to hide the size of our massive trade deficit,” Hoffa said.

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Standing Up to Post Office Privatizers

Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower Author, Commentator, America’s Number One Populist

Standing Up to Post Office Privatizers

"Boss," spelled backwards, is double-S-O-B, and that's how most of the employees of the US Postal Service feel about their top boss.

America's postal employees –from mail clerks to letter carriers – take great pride in moving millions of pieces of mail to us every day, whether we live in inner cities or way down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where mail is delivered by mule-riding letter carriers to a Native American tribe living there. But USPS bossman, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, definitely does not make postal workers proud, for he's been deliberately monkeywrenching our mail system by slowing delivery, reducing staff and hours of service, closing neighborhood and historic post offices, shutting processing centers, trying to end Saturday delivery, badmouthing his own agency's performance, steadily corporatizing public functions, and transforming decent, union-scale jobs into the low-wage retail economy.

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To Rick Perry, "Suffer the Children," Means He Must Make Them Suffer

To Rick Perry,

Union Matters

The Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA) - the Antidote for Fascist-Style Voter Suppression

“Last year, the Supreme Court stripped away critical protections for millions of voters when it gutted a key section of the Voting Rights Act. The court’s decision will now make it harder for voters who have been historically disenfranchised to have their votes counted. The decision reversed decades of progress, so we must now take steps to ensure those eligible to vote receive the opportunity to do so.” - - USW President Leo W. Gerard.