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Trump: Valueless

Warren Buffett threw down the gauntlet to Donald Trump again last week. It happened after Trump lied about Buffett’s federal income tax payments on national TV.

During the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, Trump said Buffett “took a massive deduction,” suggesting it was the kind that the Republican nominee used for years to dodge income taxes.

The next morning, Buffett reported to the world that he paid federal taxes every year since 1944 when he was 13. He owed $7 then. Last year, he paid $1.8 million, about 16 percent of his $11.6 million income. He gave $2.858 billion to charity that year. Yes, that’s billion with a b.

By contrast, Trump’s “charitable” foundation is under investigation for self-dealing, and he is the first presidential candidate in 40 years to refuse to disclose any federal income tax information.

In August, Buffett, who is six times richer than Trump, challenged the Republican nominee to a tax throw down. The point of honor in that duel would be revealing their returns. Buffet pointed out that both men are under audit, so that would be no excuse to chicken out. Still, Trump begged off.

It’s not enough for a presidential candidate to boast before adoring crowds. It’s crucial that candidates both embody and demonstrate American values. Those standards don’t include lying or shirking taxes or bragging about sexual assault or creating a charity to pay a candidate’s own bills. Buffett demonstrates American values in both words and actions. Trump displays utter obliviousness to those values.  

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What you need to know about debate fact-checks: Donald Trump lies. A lot. Tremendously. Big league.

Throughout the presidential campaign, from the primaries to the general election, Donald Trump has been a special kind of liar. So why would things change during the third and final debate of the campaign? Trump continued to lie an astonishing amount, according to fact-checks. He repeated his many-times-debunked claims to have opposed the invasion of Iraq and to have been endorsed by a government agency. He claimed that the stories of women who say he’s sexually assaulted them have been largely debunked, which they haven’t, and that he hasn’t said they weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault anyway, which he has definitely said. He made a series of outlandishly false statements on the Middle East. But as much as the content of his lies is important and eyebrow-raising, their frequency is maybe more noteworthy. 

So let’s look at a couple key numbers:

  • NBC News fact-checked 36 statements from the debate, 29 of them by Donald Trump. They found 25 of them to be some variation on false or wrong, with an additional “half right.”
  • The New York Times fact-checked 29 statements, 18 of them by Trump. Classifying the statements red, yellow, or green, Trump got two greens, seven yellows, and nine reds. By contrast, Clinton got eight greens, two yellows, and one red.
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BREAKING: Court Forces Ohio to Allow Most Illegally Purged Voters to Cast Ballots

Alice Ollstein Political Reporter, Think Progress

A federal district court ruled Wednesday night that Ohio must allow most of the voters illegally purged from the rolls to vote in this year’s presidential election using provisional ballots.

“ If those who were unlawfully removed from the voter rolls are not allowed to vote, then the Secretary of State is continuing to to disenfranchise voters in violation of federal law,” Judge George Smith warned.

Though the state’s Republican leaders had argued last week that they should only have to restore the voting rights of those purged last year and those who haven’t moved since they last registered to vote, the court’s order is much broader.

Now, anyone purged since 2011 as well as anyone who has moved within the same county will be able vote.

“Moving down the street shouldn’t mean someone’s vote is thrown away,” Mike Brickner with the American Civil Liberties Union told ThinkProgress.

Additionally, the state has to send notification to any purged voter who requested an absentee ballot that they may vote in person using a provisional ballot either early or on Election Day.

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What Does “Trumponomics” Actually Amount To?

Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower Author, Commentator, America’s Number One Populist

Trump’s idea of “working class” turns out to be millionaires and billionaires, for that’s who would get the bulk of benefits from his agenda. In his blustery speeches he assails corporations that are offshoring and outsourcing American jobs, charging them with knocking down middle-income families and devastating working-class cities – but he then turns and rewards them! His proposed tax cuts, for example, don’t benefit low-wage workers at all and provide only a pittance of gain for those with middle-class paychecks, but corporations are given a huuuuuuuge windfall with a nearly 60 percent cut in their tax rate.

Listen to this classic commentary to find out what Trumponomics really means.


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Union Matters

Election 2016: Members Speak Out

David Wiley
Local 1023

David Wiley, 60, Moneta, Va., a union member for a quarter century, has served as treasurer of USW Local 1023 at Yokohama Tire Corp. for the past five years.

“If Donald Trump is elected, our country will be a train wreck. He says a lot of things he just can’t do. He can’t just slap a 25 percent tariff on China. You can’t do that by yourself.

“Hillary Clinton will do the right thing for us. She knows that without the guy who carries a lunch box to work every day, this country cannot survive. She will work to make sure those jobs don’t leave this country. She is wealthy and has done well for herself, but she has felt for the poor and the middle class her entire life.

“She has our best interests in mind and Donald Trump does not. He does not care about the middle class.”


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Yeah, He'd Do It

Yeah, He'd Do It