Bridgestone Master Bargaining Update July 28, 2022

Bargaining Update | July 28, 2022 | Click here to download a printable version of this update.

While there has been some progress with Bridgestone at the bargaining table, as we enter the final hours of these negotiations, we remain far apart on many significant issues.

The Company needs to respond in the right way to our proposals on wages, pensions, healthcare and other issues which the membership told your Policy Committee were the most important priorities.

Bridgestone has been dragging its feet on the key issues, and we expect to see serious progress in the coming hours.

Stay focused and safe in the plants, and we will all come through these negotiations with the contract we deserve -- and one with the gains we have earned.

Your Policy Committee,

Jack Rocco President, Local 7L

Tim Linn President, Local 310L

Jon Wright President, Local 1055L

Mike Tucker President, Local 787L

Alvin Turner President, Local 884L

Emily Brannon Policy, Local 310L

Clyde Cunningham Policy, Local 1055L