USW Oil Workers: Stronger Together

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The USW represents more than 30,000 members in a variety of oil-related facilities under more than 220 contracts. Our members work in refining, production, pipelines, maintenance operations, storage, and many petrochemical and downstream operations.

In the refining sector, our members work in over 65 refineries, including many of the largest and most productive in the country. USW-represented refineries account for roughly 2/3 of total refinery capacity in the United States.

Together, our numbers give us strength to win better contracts through the National Oil Bargaining Program and in the larger fight for safer workplaces at the state, national and corporate levels.


Chemical Disaster Rule

Accident prevention measures keep USW workers safer. That’s why our union pushed for the Chemical Disaster Rule. We won legal cases when we challenged the delay of the implementation of this rule, and this year we generated tens of thousands of petition signatures to support our position.

Process Safety Management in California and Washington

On a state level, our union worked hard to ensure the 2017 improved Process Safety Management regulation in California would require workers to actively work with management in developing safety procedures and plans. Since 2015, the USW worked with allies in the State of Washington to craft meaningful Process Safety Management rules to prevent catastrophic releases and worker fatalities.

Shareholder Advocacy

We have confronted oil companies and put worker issues on the company’s formal business agenda by filing shareholder resolutions. By giving USW oil workers a voice in these shareholder meetings, we force oil companies to be more transparent and responsible. As a result of our efforts, in 2017 Marathon Petroleum improved their safety metrics and reporting and ExxonMobil cut ties with a corporate lobby group that pushes for anti-worker legislation.

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