USW Oil Workers: Protecting Our Achievements; No Retrogression

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The National Oil Bargaining Policy includes a critical “No Retrogression” clause. This means the companies agree to renew past letters of agreement on a range of issues including no layoffs (due to workforce reduction outside of a closure), plant closure procedures, rate retention, health and safety, job security, and successorship.

Successorship: Protecting Contracts during Acquisitions

Successorship language is what protects and maintains our union contract when a facility is impacted by a sale, merger or joint-venture. In the past several years, many of our facilities have been through mergers or acquisitions including Motiva, PBF and Andeavor.

This language guarantees that the successor company recognizes the union, our collective bargaining agreement and all letters of agreement, except for benefits which the company is required to negotiate.

Successorship Goals in 2019 National Oil Bargaining

Unfortunately, some companies have manipulated our current language around benefits to try to roll back retirement contributions and healthcare coverage. That’s why this round of bargaining we’re aiming to strengthen our successorship language in order to secure these benefits. The expanded language would better protect our pension and benefit plans by requiring the successor company to either replicate the existing plans or negotiate changes with the union. Additionally, it would ensure members are protected when a single plant operation, such as a terminal, is sold apart from the entire refinery.

At a time when the oil industry is constantly changing, these protections are critical to secure our union and the good wages, benefits and working conditions every USW member has earned.

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