National Oil Bargaining Conference Concludes with Policy Adoption

Oil units will vote to ratify policy over next 45 days.

This week, over 350 Local Union delegates from oil facilities gathered at the National Oil Bargaining Conference to discuss trends and issues in the industry and craft our policy for this round of negotiations.

Throughout the conference, delegates met with their employer councils, regions and in general assembly to debate and discuss the myriad issues workers are concerned about in every facility including refineries, chemical plants, terminals and pipelines.

Policy Ratification

Now, it’s up to each oil unit to review and ratify the policy over the next 45 days. Look for information from your local union about your ratification vote.

Once the policy is ratified, the Bargaining Committee can begin negotiations.

Bargaining Committee

Our Bargaining Committee is made up of the two Lead Bargainers - Vice President Tom Conway and Chair of National Oil Bargaining Kim Nibarger - and the five Policy Committee Representatives who were elected by the membership in their regions.

On the company side, Shell is again the lead negotiator. Shell will work with an industry-wide council called the Organizational Resources Counselors (ORC) to communicate and coordinate with the other employers.

Three Layers of Bargaining

Our contracts ultimately include the NOBP pattern agreements as well as issues bargained at the council and local levels. Throughout the week delegates met in their employer councils to discuss common issues, build solidarity and look for opportunities to bargain together at the company level. Council and local negotiations will occur during the coming months.

Communication and Solidarity Actions

Over the next few months we’ll be working to build our power and solidarity at every oil unit. Look for educational materials, bargaining updates and opportunities to participate in solidarity activities. You can help by making sure your co-workers are receiving the updates and text messages.

To receive text messages, text OIL to 47486.