USS Shareholders Vote to Cash In, Sell Out

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

U.S. Steel (USS) shareholders today voted to approve the sale of the company to Nippon Steel.

We are not surprised by stockholders electing to cash in and sell out the iconic American company’s employees and retirees, along with the communities where we live and work.

Wall Street investors and U.S. Steel executives obviously stand to gain the most from Nippon and its $15 billion while leaving union members in the cold.

After all, CEO David Burritt reportedly stands to personally make more than $70 million from the deal, with his cabal of vice presidents raking in tens of millions of dollars—each.

Thankfully, today’s vote isn’t the end of the story:  The decision ultimately isn’t simply up to shareholders and executives.

Lawmakers from both parties, government agencies, regulators and the president of the United States have all raised concerns and promised a thorough investigation of the deal.

Our contract also provides security for our jobs, earnings and benefits. We must remain united as we fight to enforce it.

U.S. Steel would have no value if not for the hard work of generations of USW members to build the company into what it is now.

We will keep you updated as the process continues.

Mike Millsap
District 7 Director & Chairman of the Negotiating Committee

David McCall
International President