Nippon Letter More Window Dressing, Empty Promises

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Nippon Steel sent a letter to the USW on March 27 in its ongoing attempt to gain our support for its proposed purchase of U.S. Steel. Instead of waiting for our response, Nippon leaked their letter far and wide, portraying it as an earnest effort to address our concerns. In truth, it was another meaningless piece of paper.

Nippon called its March 27 letter a “binding commitment,” but it is instead nothing more than another collection of empty promises and open-ended language that would enable it to skirt obligations to workers and retirees.

In the response that we sent today, we were firm and clear: our union sees through Nippon’s proposal and will not support the transaction in exchange for a pack of empty promises. Nor will we be deceived by so-called commitments that have baked into them ways to release Nippon from following through.

Instead, our union remains committed to our work ensuring the long-term security of our jobs and our facilities. As President Biden said in March, “it is vital for [U.S. Steel] to remain an American steel company that is domestically owned and operated.” We agree.

Please encourage your coworkers to sign up to receive further updates if they have not already by texting USS to 47486. We will continue to share information as we discuss next steps.

Mike Millsap
District 7 Director & Chairman of the Negotiating Committee

David McCall
International President