July 2, 2021: USW/ATI Bargaining Bulletin #30

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USW Reaches Tentative Agreement with ATI

After meeting all day Wednesday and late into Thursday night, the USW and ATI seemed to have resolved all the outstanding issues in our contract in the early hours of Friday morning, but negotiations for a fair return-to-work agreement took all day today.

A fair return-to-work agreement ensures an orderly recall of all eligible bargaining unit members, prevents USW members from working with temporary replacement workers who took our jobs, bridges our seniority for the duration of the labor dispute and protects returning strikers from unfair discipline.

The local union Presidents and the negotiating committee met in Pittsburgh today in support of achieving an acceptable return-to-work agreement as well as reviewing the tentative agreement.

Without a doubt, the solidarity of the USW membership throughout the strike passed every test, and we have made clear and important progress in the proposed agreement as a result.

Our committee has secured a fair contract that preserves our premium-free health insurance and includes meaningful wage improvements.

Most importantly, the company relented on its demands for workers to cover the cost of wage increases by paying vastly more for health insurance.

We have fought for fairness and struggled for justice together on ATI picket lines for more than three months, and we have achieved our goals.

We are currently scheduling explanation and ratification meetings, so stay in touch with your local union leadership.

Stand together. Be strong. Our solidarity and determination will prevail.

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